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  • Febreze Candle Big Sur

    Vibrant. Citrusy. Spicy. The best part? A Big Sur Febreze Candle eliminates odors… so your home smells like it’s perched on the limb of a sandalwood tree. It’s the perfect balance of jasmine and cherry for all the noses in your family.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Downy April Fresh

    Is it laundry day? Because it sure smells like it. Make your house guest-ready with a Downy® April Fresh Febreze Candle. This sweet whisper of springtime air comforts your senses and eliminates odors, all with the soft fragrance of Downy.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Fresh Twist Cranberry

    Make spirits merry and bright with the invigoratingly fresh splash of a Fresh Twist Cranberry Febreze Candle. Your party guests will sniff and smile when you serve up this tartly sweet, odor-eliminating cocktail. So go ahead—add a little extra freshness to your holiday festivities.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Fresh Cut Pine

    Bring the sparkling freshness of a wintry forest indoors with a Limited Edition Fresh Cut Pine Febreze Candle. This crisp, invigorating scent is the perfect way to deck the halls (and eliminate odors) throughout the holiday season. You won’t have to needle for compliments from your guests—they’ll offer ’em up at the door.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Fresh Fall Pumpkin

    There’s nothing basic about the fresh, spicy-sweet scent of a Fresh Fall Pumpkin Febreze Candle. This is one airy fall scent that not only smells amazing—it eliminates odors, too. So, go on: Throw out that latte and get your gourd on.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Fresh Pressed Apple

    Turn the oven off, and get your Limited Edition Fresh Pressed Apple Candle on. Fill your home with the fresh aroma of green apples and berries… and forget about every other holiday baking disaster that’s ever occurred. A holiday scent that freshens AND eliminates odors? It’s easy as pie.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Gain Original Scent

    This one’s for you, Gainiacs. Eliminate odors and treat your senses to the citrus-y freshness of a Gain® Original Scent Febreze Candle. The just-right floral notes will have your guests wondering where you’re hiding that flower garden. 

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    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Gain Moonlight Breeze

    Gainiacs, meet your new favorite scent: the fantastically sweet and lush scent of a Gain® Moonlight Breeze Febreze Candle. Like a breath of fresh air on a moonlit stroll, this scent eliminates odors all while serenading your nose.

    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Meadows & Rain

    With a Meadows & Rain Febreze Candle, you can eliminate odors and get your rain dance on. So go ahead: Enjoy the fresh, dewy scent of a rainy day—without ever getting wet.

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    $5.49 MSRP

  • Febreze Candle Vanilla & Cream

    The way to win friends is through their noses, right? So, go ahead and eliminate odors with a Vanilla & Cream Febreze Candle. All your new friends will swoon for the scent of lush fruit, warm cinnamon, and classic vanilla. Get ready for a houseful of houseguests (and freshness).

    $5.49 MSRP

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