how & why Febreze works:

a forensic guide to our one-of-a-kind freshness

Wanna know why we think Febreze is kind of a big deal? While other air fresheners mask odors, Febreze straight up eliminates stink with an elite team of patented molecules.

Want details? We’re ready to spill.

the science of smells

If you were awake for biology class, you might remember molecules. Every sour odor you smell is actually a bundle of these little guys, and they’ve got boundary issues. They fly through your halls. They curl up in your couch. Invited or not, they settle in and stick around.

odor IQ

To sniff out these odors, your nose and brain team up. Your nose handles smell intake and your brain gets a message to check it out. This means smells have “no-wait” access to your memories and impressions. So when freshly baked cookies = a flashback to Grandma’s kitchen, that’s why. 


Has your brain-nose combo left you noseblind? Probably. Why? Odor-ADD. Your brain has to process all the smells your nose receptors pick up… and it basically says, “SQUIRREL!” at every whiff of something new. You know how your eyes adjust in a movie theater? That’s your brain on old smells. But your guests aren’t so lucky.

the Febreze four

Noseblind? There’s help. It’s called (yep) Febreze. We fight back against odors with four molecules of our own. Like any great superhero team, each one has a special skill. But together, they’re a force of freshness that can’t be stopped.

cyclodextrin—We call this ring-shaped molecule “the magic donut”—but “the strangler” might work, too. When you spray Air Effects, cyclodextrin gives odor molecules a hug so tight that the odor gets stuck in the center ring. Never to be smelled again.

odor converters—We borrowed this odor magician from citrus fruits, where they transform odors into water on contact. A pretty neat trick, if we say so ourselves. To smell it in action, try a pluggable NOTICEables.

buffers—Sweaty shoes smell extra funky because the pH level is extra high. When you use Air Effects or Fabric Refresher, tiny buffers patrol fabrics and the air looking for these attention-seeking molecules, then lower their odor volume to a whisper.

duo-PSB—This bad-boy molecule is the not-so-secret weapon of Fabric Refresher. Its corkscrew shape digs into fabric to trap stubborn odors, such as bacon grease, BBQ sauces, and mildew. Then it pulls double-duty to release your favorite scents. Whatever it takes to help you breathe happy.  

And there you have it. An inside look at how Febreze works and the microscopic proof that we’re the best air freshener for true odor elimination.